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About Arthur (Avraham) Soifer

Hello and welcome to  

I am a professional photographer and have been studying photography since I was a child.  I began training with my uncle who taught me how to take pictures with an old Soviet camera called a “Zenit”.  Back in those days we didn’t have digital cameras, and everything was done on film. The process was so exciting that its difficult for me to fully convey the impact that it had on me. So much so that it instilled in me a dream to be a professional photographer.  Many years have passed since then, but I still enjoy every aspect of photography.

I’ve been working professionally since the beginning of 2002.  Prior to this I conducted multiple amateur photo shoots, thoroughly studied the technology and art of photo theory, diligently studied the techniques of the most famous and accomplished wedding photographers in Europe, as well as attended multiple master classes offered by recognized American masters in photography. I have also been named one of the best wedding photographers in Macomb County and the city of Warren. This is an honor I am humbled to have received.

I enjoy the collaborative process. It is a wonderful thing to see a client's dream become a reality.  I sincerely hope that after viewing my portfolio, we can work together to achieve your vision. 




Moscow State University of Printing Arts -  Bachelor’s degree

School of Wedding Photography of Alexander Shishov -Certificate


CANON R5 and CANON R6 with specialized optics


Specialized advanced lighting lamps.

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